Ecuadorian Rose Shop

Wholesale Ecuadorian Roses

Since January 2015 we have teamed up with Royal Flowers, the best grower of Roses in Ecuador. Our large, wholesale shipments each week mean that we can supply wholesalers, florists and events companies with amazing quality Ecuadorian flowers at prices far cheaper than Dutch wholesalers.

You can shop, on-line for them here. 
If you are buying just roses from this shop, then we have a £120 minimum order (Including VAT).
If you are combining your order with flowers from our Dutch webshop, then there is no minimum spend here.
In order to use the shop, you will need a password which we will give to you.
Please contact us for this, stating in the 'message' box that you would like a log-in for Ecuadorian Roses.
If  you an existing Auction Direct Flowers customer, then you will not be asked for payment at checkout and we will send you a VAT invoice after delivery as normal.
If you are a new customer, then we may ask for payment on delivery.

Prices (ex VAT) are per wrap